AGRICULTURE 2017 RSS feed for public list AGRICULTURE 2017 1001 garden plants in Singapore / by Boo, Chih Min. A guide to the common plants of Ayer Hitam Forest, Selangor, Peninsular Malaysia by Faridah-Hanum Acquired resistance of microorganisms to chemotherapeutic drugs / Advances in applied microbiology. Advances in botanical research. Advancing frontiers of plant sciences. Annual report / Annual review of entomology Anti-inflammatory effect of liposome-encapsulated and free from diclofenac in rats / by Goh, Jun Zheng. Antibiogram / Antibiotic development and resistance / Antibiotics : by Walsh, Christopher, Antimicrobial resistance : Antimicrobial resistance in the environment / Antimicrobial susceptibility testing protocols / Aquaculture. Aquatic sciences and fisheries abstracts. Asas penulisan tesis, penyelidikan & statistik / by Othman Talib. Australian journal of experimental agriculture and animal husbandry Beef management and production: by Goodwin, Derek H. Beef production and management desicions / by Field, Thomas G. Behavioral neuroscience. Bulletin of Tokai Regional Fisheries Research Laboratory. Characterization and extraction of oil from indigenous fruit seed for potential cosmetic application / by Nor Azmaria Noor Azman Cocoa growers bulletin Comparative wood anatomy : by Carlquist, Sherwin John, Cooperative economic insect report Cows and poultry in India : by J, E.B. Dairy ingredients for food processing / Developing an integrated system design model for form flexibility of industrialized residential timber building / by Siva Jaganathan. Developmental psychology / by Liebert, Robert M., Domestic duck production : by Cherry, P. Edible oil processing / Effect of dietary protein level on growth performance of tinfoil barb (Barbonymus schwanenfeldii) / Effect of photoperiod on the growth performance of tinfoil barb (Barbonymus schwanenfeldii) / Effective parents : by Eimers, Robert. Effective patient education : by Falvo, Donna R. Ekonomi sumber hutan / by Mohd. Shahwahid Haji Othman. Emerging infectious diseases : Eurocode 5 : Eurocode 5 : European journal of heart failure. : Experimental horticulture Experimental husbandry. Forest products journal Gaya pengajaran & pembelajaran / by Baharom Mohamad. General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean report of the ... session Genetics research. Georgia agricultural research. Handbook of positive psychology in schools Hawaii farm science/ How to listen so parents will talk and talk so parents will listen / by Sommers-Flanagan, John, How to motivate people / by Forsyth, Patrick. Ibu tunggal : by Rohaty Mohd. Majzub. Indonesian journal of agriculture International review of tropical medicine. Introduction to agricultural economics / by Penson, John B. Introduction to composite materials design / by Barbero, Ever J., Introductory statistics for the health sciences / by DeShea, Lise. Journal of agricultural engineering research. Journal of agriculture, Western Australia. Journal of entomology. Journal of entomology. Journal of research Journal of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England Journal of ultrastructure research. Jurnal hadhari : Land reform, land settlement and cooperatives Marine OMICS : Mastering research methods / by Chua, Yan Piaw. Measuring outcomes in speech-language pathology / Mechanics of wood and wood composites / by Bodig, Jozsef. Memoirs of the Entomological Society of Canada. Methods and achievements in experimental pathology Microphysics of Clouds and Precipitation by Pruppacher, H.R. Miscellaneous publications of the Entomological Society of America Modern livestock and poultry production / by Gillespie, James R. Motivation : by Valle, Fred P. Motivation : by Cofer, Charles Norval. Motivation and achievement / by Atkinson, John William, Motivation leverage : by Exton, William. Motivation of human and animal behavior : by Lorenz, Konrad. Mysore journal of agricultural sciences. New phytologist New Zealand farmer Nitrates in groundwater / by Canter, Larry W. Nitrogen cycling in bacteria : Novel antimicrobial agents and strategies / Oil palm and ganoderma / by Chong, KhimPhin. Organic agricultural practices : Organic syntheses. Outlook on agriculture Panduan berguna kepada memotivasi manusia / by Ramundo, Michael. Parents as partners: by Pugh, Gillian. Parents learn through discussion : by Auerbach, Aline Sophie (Buchman). Penyelidikan & tesis : by Othman Talib, Perlembagaan Malaysia : by Abdul Aziz Bari. Physiological plant pathology : Pig farming. Plant and cell physiology Plant breeding abstracts Plant pathology. Power farming Prediction of nitrate (No3) transport in landfill site using AGNPS / by Chen, Oi Chin. Principes: Proceedings of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute Protoplasma Psychology : Psychology of self-regulation : Queensland agricultural journal. Queensland journal of agricultural and animal sciences. RAPD analysis, plasmid profiles, antibiotic resistance and occurence of the van genes in Enterococcus species isolated from human and poultry / by Haryanti Toosa. Reinwardtia Relationships between teaching competence, motivational factors, and knowledge sharing behavior at a professional learning institution in Malaysia / by Sarinah Sulaiman. Research and thesis : by Othman Talib. Research on sociocultural influences on motivation and learning / Research reports / Revenge of the microbes : by Salyers, Abigail A. Review of agricultural economics, Malaysia. Rhode Island resources Safety considerations for biotechnology : Science in agriculture Seed world Seedsmen's digest Selected Rand abstracts Silvae genetica Silviculture by Nyland Skin diver magazine. Soil conservation. Soil science and plant nutrition Soil Science Society of America proceedings. Sorghum and millets abstracts. Sunshine state agricultural research report Sustainable agriculture / Tenggelamnya kapal van der Wijck / by Hamka, The explanation of behaviour / by Taylor, Charles, The Garden The progressive fish-culturist. The psychology of learning and motivation. The relationship between demographic background and personality characteristics with students' volunteer motivation in the Faculty of Human Ecology, Universiti Putra Malaysia / by Chew, Hui Sze. Timber design and construction handbook / Time to talk : by Glogowska, Margaret. Tobacco international Tropical abstracts. Tropical science. Tulis tesis cepat : by Othman Talib, Turrialba Urban affairs quarterly. Urban studies. Weed abstracts Weed research Wood and fiber : World animal review World farming World fishing Zeitschrift fur Lebensmittel-Unterschung und-Forschung Zeitschrift fur pflanzenziichtung =