BIOTECHNOLOGY & BIOMOLECULAR SCIENCES 2017 RSS feed for public list BIOTECHNOLOGY & BIOMOLECULAR SCIENCES 2017 Advances in enzyme regulation. Animal models in toxicology / Applied molecular biotechnology : Aquaporins in health and disease : Biological and pharmaceutical applications of nanomaterials / Biological systems, biodiversity and stability of plant communities / Biomass and biofuels : Bioreactors : by Goutam, Saha. C-H bond activation in organic synthesis / Cancer cell signaling : Cell membrane nanodomains : Dictionary of flavonoids / by Buckingham, J. Diversity of selenium functions in health and disease / DNA engineering : Enzyme nanocarriers / Gene and cell therapy : Genomics and proteomics : Green organic chemistry and its interdisciplinary applications / by Kolb, Vera M., Handbook of essential oils : Handbook of food analysis / Industrial biocatalysis / Insect physiology and biochemistry / by Nation, James L., Introduction to nutrition and metabolism / by Bender, David A. Introductory statistics for the health sciences / by DeShea, Lise. Laboratory biorisk management : Light scattering technology for food property, quality and safety assessment / Manual of environmental microbiology / Marine OMICS : Metal-organic frameworks : Microbial biotechnology : Modern NMR techniques for synthetic chemistry / Molecular biology of the cell / by Alberts, Bruce, Nanomedicine : by Hehenberger, Michael. Natural biomarkers for cellular metabolism : Oceanography and marine biology: Pharmaceutical product development : Progress in biophysics and molecular biology Reversibility of chronic degenerative disease and hypersensitivity / by Rea, William J. Safety concerns for herbal drugs / by Vohora, Divya, Statistical optimization of biological systems / by Panda, Tapobrata, Statistical techniques for neuroscientists / Systems biology : by Kremling, Andreas.