BIOTECHNOLOGY & BIOMOLECULAR SCIENCES 2018 RSS feed for public list BIOTECHNOLOGY & BIOMOLECULAR SCIENCES 2018 A guide to bioethics / by Kornyo, Emmanuel A., Advances in applied microbiology. An introduction to ethical, safety and intellectual property rights issues in biotechnology / by Nambisan, Padma. Antibiotics : by Walsh, Christopher, Antimicrobial resistance and implications for the twenty-first century / Aptamers : Biocatalysis and nanotechnology / Bioeconomies : Biofuels and bioenergy / Biohythane : by Das, Debabrata. Bionanotechnology : by Anal, Anil Kumar, Bioprocess engineering for a green environment / Biotechnology and nanotechnology risk assessment : Biotechnology fundamentals / by Khan, Firdos Alam, Biotechnology of endophytic fungi of grasses / Cellular therapy for neurological injury / Characterization of water soluble polysaccharides from bamboo shoot (Gigantochloa levis blanco merr) and their prebiotic potential / by Aida Firdaus Muhammad Nurul Azmi. Chemical biology of natural products / Dendrimers in nanomedicine / Essential oils and nanotechnology for treatment of microbial diseases / Food toxicology / Fundamentals of modern bioprocessing / by Niazi, Sarfaraz K., Genetics and breeding of industrial microorganisms / Genetics research. Genomes 4 / by Brown, T. A. Immunoassays : Intellectual property for managers and investors : by Frank, Steven J. Journal of nuclear and related technologies Medical devices and human engineering / Metabolic regulation and metabolic engineering for biofuel and biochemical production / by Shimizu, Kazuyuki, Microbial biofilms : Microbial biotechnology : Microspheres : Modern industrial microbiology and biotechnology / by Okafor, Nduka, Nanobiotechnology : Nanotechnology in biology and medicine : New and future developments in microbial biotechnology and bioengineering : Phytopharmaceuticals for brain health / Principles of genetics / by Sinnott, Edmund Ware, Principles of molecular biology / by Tropp, Burton E. R&D at UPM : R&D at UPM : Reactive oxygen species in plants : Recombinant DNA products : Recombinant protein production in yeast : Statistics for biotechnology process development / The anthropology of obesity in the United States / by Bellisari, Anna W., The ethics and biosecurity toolkit for scientists / by Sture, Judi. Tumors and cancers : by Liu, Dongyou, Tuning innovation with biotechnology / by Kim, Dong Hwa. Virulence mechanisms of bacterial pathogens /