HUMAN ECOLOGY 2018 RSS feed for public list HUMAN ECOLOGY 2018 A musicology for landscape / by Buck, David N., Ageing, dementia and the social mind / Aggression and violence : An introduction to developmental psychology / Applications of wasatiyyah in the contemporary Muslim world / Atlas banci = Child and adolescent psychopathology / Crime, justice and social media / by Salter, Michael, Cyber frauds, scams and their victims / by Button, Mark, Developing minds : by Klein, Elise, Gaspar Cassadó : by Kaufman, Gabrielle Gender, subjectivity, and cultural work : by Scharff, Christina, Good governance, civil society & Islam / by Maszlee Malik, Hannah Arendt : by Burdon, Peter, Hindi film songs and the cinema / by Morcom, Anna. Homelessness and social work : by Zufferey, Carole, How to publish high-quality research / by Joireman, Jeff. Human development from middle childhood to middle adulthood : by Pulkkinen, Lea, Human memory / by Radvansky, Gabriel A., Human rights and social equality : Individual differences in judgement and decision-making : Inequality in economics and sociology : Introducing intersectionality / by Romero, Mary, Introduction to human development and family studies / Islam and secularism : by Cheng, Yamin, Learning through movement and active play in the early years : by Swift, Tania, Malaysian journal of sport science and recreation. Multilevel analysis : by Hox, J. J., Multipolar globalization : by Nederveen Pieterse, Jan, On the frontlines of the welfare state : by Goetz, Barry, Parenting with Theraplay : by Norris, Vivien, Political careers of Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim : by Funston, John. Promoting young children's emotional health and wellbeing : by Mainstone-Cotton, Sonia, Psychology and social work : by Misca, Gabriela, Public disorder and globalization / by Body-Gendrot, Sophie, Sistem administrasi & pentadbiran pada zaman Rasulullah s.a.w : by Karami, Hafiz Ahmad 'Ajjaj. Strengthening family resilience / by Walsh, Froma, Suburban planet : by Keil, Roger, The dark side of social media : The emotional compass : by Sand, Ilse, The psychologically healthy workplace : The psychology of human values / by Maio, Gregory R., The white Rajahs : by Runciman, Steven, The Wiley handbook of early childhood development programs, practices, and policies / The work-family interface in global context / Theory for ethnomusicology / by Stone, Ruth M. Transcultural competence : by Glover, Jerry. Why demography matters / by Dorling, Daniel, Women and nature? : Women's mental health across the lifespan :